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    An office move and other Eatwise news

    Long time no news from me – apologies for the radio silence, I have been busy launching into a new branch of work for the past three years; studying and working with clients around eating disorders has brought a new energy and passion to my work. Also, I’ve moved into ‘Town’! My new office is at 8 Cecil St, just off O’Connell St in Limerick City.

    Feeling at home in my new office!

    My regular work as a nutritionist continues, and to be honest there’s a lot of crossover in the everyday work of a nutritionist and eating disorder work. Thankfully, we seem to be talking more about disordered or chaotic eating patterns in the media. This is beginning to reduce the shame it’s been shrouded in for many decades of ‘diet culture’. Well-known people have spoken about their own struggles and there are great resources available online to help people. This may be for themselves, or as a parent, partner or friend of someone who may be struggling with their relationship with food.

    Another area I’ve noticed is becoming less of a taboo is speaking about digestive problems. There’s even a TV programme on Channel 4 with very sound advice from the clinicians at their ‘Poo HQ’!! Poor digestive health has a lot of possible causes and can take a while to figure out what works. A consultation to ‘unpack’ your eating habits and symptoms is a good first step. We’re all different and, as with all my interactions with clients, the advice is all about you! It’s about your experience with food, lifestyle and health, not a standard ‘diet’ prescription.

    Meanwhile, there’s always more to learn, more research happening and interesting pointers in how to live longer, better. I try to keep up with the science – and not the hype – to pass on to my clients!

    If you have any questions, please get in touch! If you have prepaid appointments you’d like to use, please get in touch!