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Physical and mental health in lockdown – Help to get on track

Posted on by Anna McElhinney

Ok, so here we are, a year on and still facing uncertainty about so many things. We hear that we need to ‘hang in there’ and better times will come. But if you’re finding it hard to keep a stable weight and keep exercise going, maybe you need some help with keeping your physical and […]

How to stop yo-yo dieting

Posted on by Anna McElhinney

So you’re overweight or obese? Wait – no, first of all don’t define yourself by your weight. We need to stop the negative talk around body image and concentrate on what’s really important, our health. Scientifically, we know it’s very hard for most people to maintain weight loss after a diet. We also need to […]

I have Type 1 Diabetes – what can I eat to control my blood sugars?

Posted on by Anna McElhinney

In a word, people with Type 1 Diabetes can eat anything. What is vitally important is that you eat a healthy balanced diet and you manage your insulin doses correctly. This can be complex and the more information you have, the more control you will gain. Let’s take a step back first… What is Type […]

Boost your immune system to help protect yourself

Posted on by Anna McElhinney

Due to the current COVID19 situation, I am offering one-to-one nutrition consultations by phone or video link click here for more details A few key points for us all to follow…  1. Stick to a good routine – avoid the temptation to stay up late at night if you don’t need to be up as early as […]

Christmas dinner sorted! And setting your weight target for the festive season – how much is too much?

Posted on by Anna McElhinney

Only 13 days until the main event! My Eatwise Christmas Dinner Countdown with tips and recipes will help you make a memorable meal step by step. Christmas might not seem like the best time for setting weight targets but actually, most healthy lifestyle habits are determined in our head by planning and making decisions BEFORE […]

IBS and the Low FODMAP diet

Posted on by Anna McElhinney

How do you know if you have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)? This week’s question is one that crops up a lot… IBS is a term we use for a collection of symptoms including bloating, flatulence, constipation and diarrhea. Often it’s a combination of these at different times. You might suspect a food is causing problems […]

Is a vegetarian or vegan diet suitable for teenagers?

Posted on by Anna McElhinney

This week a question was emailed to me by Paula – she asks:   Is a vegetarian or vegan diet suitable for teenagers? Does it provide the right amount of nutrients? Great question, thank you Paula! Absolutely yes, both vegan (completely plant-based) and vegetarian (including eggs and dairy products) are suitable diets for teenagers if the […]

Make your weight loss plan for 2019

Posted on by Anna McElhinney

In these days after the excitement of Christmas has calmed down, take a moment to look forward to the new year. What do you want to achieve? Maybe weight loss is one of those goals that is at the back of your mind a lot of the time. It’s so common and ‘normal’ to be […]

Ready for winter? Vitamin D, Bone Broth and avoiding comfort eating in the cold weather

Posted on by Anna McElhinney

We know Vitamin D as ‘the sunshine vitamin’ and so it is… the best source is exposure to sunshine on the skin – but not with your Factor 50 on! The ‘Vitamin D winter’ in Ireland lasts from October to March – during this time, even on sunny days we don’t get vitamin D from […]