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    Boost your immune system to help protect yourself

    Due to the current COVID19 situation, I am offering one-to-one nutrition consultations by phone or video link click here for more details

    A few key points for us all to follow… 

    1. Stick to a good routine – avoid the temptation to stay up late at night if you don’t need to be up as early as usual… a good routine is really important for our mental health at times like this, stick to your normal routine as much as possible or make yourself a new and improved routine!

    2. Eat three good meals a day – Plan proper meals, don’t ‘graze’ just because you can!  Beware of skipping meals or you’re likely to pick instead or overeat at the next meal. Try some of my recipes . A traditional boost for your immune system is Chicken Broth and if you cook your chicken this way you will get lovely tender chicken that you can use in salads and sandwiches, then use the broth for soup.

    3. Go for a walk, run or cycle (or follow a You Tube video, for example the lovely yoga videos by Adrienne …) exercise should be part of every day’s activities.

    4. Eat more vegetables!!! My favourite mantra! If you think you eat enough vegetables and fruit just test that out by weighing some and see how much you’re really eating in the day… at least 500g is recommended and up to 1kg a day, especially if you want to lose weight. Fibre from this food group feeds the good bacteria in your gut and will boost your immune system as these interact with cells of the immune system in the gut liningAlso you will be getting vitamins and minerals that are vital to health and your body’s defences. Be prepared by always keeping a healthy soup and a bowl of salad prepared in the fridge. Chop / grate / process a mixture of vegetables to add to curries / Bolognese / stews, roast them with fish or chicken or make a good salad. Make sure each meal has plenty of vegetables and / or some fruit a protein element to it.

    5. Vitamin D is vital to the immune system – if you haven’t been supplementing, start now! This time of the year is when many people are low in Vitamin D because the stores we build up in the summer months (we get Vitamin D from sunshine on our skin in the summer months). Vitamin C is also a useful supplement to help protect us, especially for people who don’t eat a lot of vegetables and fruit, those with a respiratory weakness or smokers.