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    Superfood Salad

    Choose some green leafy veg: as much as you like and any combination of: baby spinach, oak leaf lettuce, radicchio, rocket, kale, rocket, beet leaves etc ¼-½ ripe avocado A little lemon juice or lime juice (optional) ¼ Mango 1 small cooked beetroot 1 large ripe tomato ½ Pepper (any colour) 1 tbsp mixed seeds […]

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    Chickpea, spinach & potato curry

    This recipe is adapted from a recipe in Sam Stern’s ‘Student Cookbook’. What I love about it, apart from the gorgeous flavour, is that it’s a complete one-pot meal, it has protein, carbs, vegetables, loads of fibre and healthy oils in a good balance. Quick and economical too, it has everything! (serves 4) 1 large potato […]

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    Low Carb Bread

    This isn’t traditional bread, it’s very low in carbohydrates and is suitable for pre-diabetics and Type2 diabetics. It makes one smallish loaf and should give you 10 portions. It’s loaded with cholesterol-reducing and heart-healthy oils and fibre. Perfect with soup for a complete meal as there’s a good amount of protein in this bread 4 […]

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