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    Veggie burgers

    Delicious, high fibre bean burgers – the trick to these is baking the beans first to dry them out – result is veggie burgers that don’t fall apart! Each burger is around 160kcal so eat 2-3 with just a big salad if you’re trying to lose weight. (serves 4-6, makes 12 burgers) 2x 400g tinned […]

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    Chickpea, spinach & potato curry

    This recipe is adapted from a recipe in Sam Stern’s ‘Student Cookbook’. What I love about it, apart from the gorgeous flavour, is that it’s a complete one-pot meal, it has protein, carbs, vegetables, loads of fibre and healthy oils in a good balance. Quick and economical too, it has everything! (serves 4) 1 large potato […]

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