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    Superfood Salad

    Choose some green leafy veg: as much as you like and any combination of: baby spinach, oak leaf lettuce, radicchio, rocket, kale, rocket, beet leaves etc ¼-½ ripe avocado A little lemon juice or lime juice (optional) ¼ Mango 1 small cooked beetroot 1 large ripe tomato ½ Pepper (any colour) 1 tbsp mixed seeds […]

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    A traditional Irish dish, Colcannon is a great way to encourage people who ‘don’t like greens’ to eat these intensely nutritious dark green leafy veg in a delicious combination of creamy mashed potato with the fresh flavour of scallions 1kg potatoes 250g kale or cabbage 4 Scallions 20g butter 75ml milk 2 tbsp chopped parsley (optional) […]

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    Chopped Salads

    Chopped salads are a great fast food trend with outlets like ‘Chopped’ and ‘The Green Kitchen’ but why not do your own – very handy to eat with just a fork and loads of room for creativity… choose from the following and fill your lunchbox! Vegetables (300g total, approx. 100kcal) For example: Baby leaf spinach […]

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    Cauliflower ‘rice’ 

    Cauliflower is probably the low-carb dieter’s best vegetable friend and this is a quick, easy and versatile way to add to your dinner plate! Serves 4-8 1 Fresh Cauliflower Sea salt and black pepper to taste Optional extras: finely chopped scallions, fresh parsley, garlic or ginger puree, spices such as ground cumin, coriander, fresh or […]

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    Celeriac Remoulade

    This makes a refreshing, tasty lunch or serve as a starter for a special occasion. Serve with smoked trout or salmon or with a selection of cold meats and some good quality salad leaves or watercress Serves 6-8   2 tbsp good quality mayonnaise 1½ tbsp low fat natural yoghurt 1½ tbsp Dijon or wholegrain […]

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    Spiced Red Cabbage

                This is best made a day ahead as the spices really have a chance to infuse… or make it well ahead of time and freeze the following day, then just take it out to defrost the day before serving. Delicious with chicken, pork, turkey or venison. 1 red cabbage […]

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    This goes well with plain grilled or roast meat or fish, or it can be eaten instead of soup for lunch with some low carb bread or crackers and cheese. It freezes well and keeps in the fridge for 3 days Serves 6-8 1 tbsp olive oil 1 can of chopped tomatoes 1 aubergine, cut […]

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