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    Here’s what Anna’s clients say...

    Sandra’s story:

    Due to the Covid19 I assumed that my appointment with Anna would be cancelled.  However Anna offered me a telephone consultation. I sat in my own home as I chatted with Anna on the phone.  Anna provided an excellent service and was very easy to talk to. The dietary information that I received was easily […]

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    Jennifer’s story

    Hi, I am a client of Anna Mcelhinney from Eatwise. Anna is an amazing Nutritionist, when I started going to see Anna a few months ago I had a very bad relationship with food, I felt I didn’t know what was best for me anymore. Anna  listened to all my concerns and based on our […]

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    Rita’s story

    I’m a Type 1 diabetic for the past 4 years, I was managing the diabetes very badly with big swings in my blood glucose levels. Also I was overweight, stressed and lacking in energy. I had my first consultation with Anna where she explained how I could improve my glucose control, she gave me a […]

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    Niall’s story:

    I met Anna shortly after the diagnosis of an illness and commencement of treatment while making major lifestyle, diet and exercise changes. I didn’t return again for 6 months thinking I knew what I was doing. I was wrong. The benefits of meeting Anna regularly far outweigh the so-called costs. With Anna’s expert guidance and […]

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    Grace’s story

    I had some knowledge of healthy eating, but with Anna’s individualised advice I have learned how to balance my meals & enjoy healthy delicious food. I have lost weight & maximised my nutrition. I feel so much better.

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    Pat’s story

    I decided to go to Anna and am delighted that I did: I lost 2 stone in less than 3 months; the weekly one-to-one visits were invaluable and I learned a lot about how to put a good diet into practice in everyday life.

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    Carole’s story

    going to Eatwise and with Anna’s encouragement and wisdom I have managed finally to eatwise! … and that’s the nub…Anna doesn’t put the emphasis on “dieting” but she does on your diet… it’s all about health, energy and wellbeing and the loss of weight is sort of incidental…

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    Marie’s story

    “My diet wasn’t good, I wasn’t sleeping well and I was on medication for diabetes, after two months with Anna my GP said that my blood results were excellent and I was taken off the diabetic and blood pressure medication, and my sleeping tablets were reduced. Now after three months, I have lost over two and a half stone, I love the way I’m eating and have loads of energy.

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    Cora’s story

    “Anna is an excellent nutritionist. We instantly hit it off and I started visiting regularly. I am still attending Anna and have lost over 30Kg (5 stone)!   I have recommended Anna to many friends and family and have seen such good results.”

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    Eileen’s story:

    “I was a very unhappy overweight person…. I was kind of in denial for a long time over the weight – although in my heart I knew I should do something about it, I felt lost as to how to get a grip on it. My weight was creeping up and when it got to nearly 17 stone I finally started to look for help. I was trying by myself but I’d be 2lb up and 2lb down which was disheartening. Also, if I got annoyed, I tended to overeat, taking solace in food to deal with things. It was when I couldn’t face buying any more tent type clothes that I looked for help. I phoned Anna and had a chat to her. Even though I knew in theory what I had to do, it wasn’t working. I was a bit anxious about facing her but I didn’t let that overrule the importance of dealing with it. You have to acknowledge that you need help sometimes!

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