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  • Fees


    Weight loss programme (best value): includes assessment, diet plan and seven follow up sessions for €250 (90 minutes first appointment, 20-40 minutes follow up appointments in person or by Skype / phone)

    Eatwise ‘for two’ programme (best value for two people): as above but for two people; individual initial assessment appointments then both attend together and follow a similar plan. €350

    Assessment + diet plan only: €85 (90 minutes) or €100 for children and eating disorder clients as more detailed work is required on the meal plan, which will be sent by email usually within 24 hours of the appointment.

    Follow-on visits paid individually: €30 (30 minutes) OR €165 for 7 follow on visits

    Follow on programme (available after your first 8 visits): 8 follow-on visits €175. Continued advice for faster or slower weight loss with more dietary and cooking tips as you introduce more variety to your plan. These visits can be weekly, fortnightly…. Depending on your needs

    Weight maintenance programme: €20 per visit (available after 16 visits) – these can be scheduled at any time interval that suits you eg fortnightly / monthly / just occasionally