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    This evening’s plan is to relax – and exercise!

    Now that you’ve taken on the Meal planner  for three days it’s time to exercise, relax and take the evening off from cooking. You might be running around taking kids to activities or you might have a class to go to yourself… if not, a good thing to think about now that there’s spinning, zumba, yoga, aquaerobics, pilates – you name it… all starting up for the new season. Don’t miss out, it’s fun to join a class and motivating too (says she, half killed after a lunchtime ‘HIIT’ class in UL – but it’s a great feeling afterwards – really!) Or just get out for a good walk, never mind the weather or you could be waiting a long time, put on the right gear and off you go – SO many reasons why exercise is important and yes, it is relaxing – afterwards! And you’ll get a better night’s sleep than spending the evening watching tv or looking at screens. So up off the sofa now – just do it!



    Tomorrow’s dinner is an alternative to the Friday night take-away, much cheaper, probably a lot healthier …

    and most likely tastier too. It’s a Prawn, vegetable & cashew nut stir-fry, very quick to do – choose between prawn & cashew / chicken and cashew / vegetarian (just cashew) or any combination – with lots of crunchy colourful veg and a delicious, simple sauce. I’d encourage you to get all the ingredients if you can for that authentic taste – your friends and family will be impressed!!

    Here’s your shopping checklist for tomorrow’s dinner – if you want an easier option, this frozen mix of veg from Dunne’s is very handy and you can use it in the recipe instead of the fresh vegetables.

    Get cooking this week and get September off to a great start! I’m sharing a meal idea every day this week on my Facebook page so like the page and look out for the delicious dinner ideas…

    Keeping it simple with a weekly meal planner

    Don’t worry, it’s not all about special foods or doing lots of exercise, it’s not complicated… just a matter of getting organised and devoting a little time to your health – the best investment you can make.

    If you’d like help with a tailor-made meal planner for yourself or for the whole family, customised to your tastes and your lifestyle, I can help. At our first consultation, we will discuss your / your family members’ food tastes and lifestyle, then I’ll prepare a 7-day eating plan, shopping list and to-do list just for you which I’ll present and explain to you at our follow up meeting.

    Get in touch to make your personal healthy eating and weight targets a reality!