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    Happy salad days!

    Chopped salads are a welcome addition to the fast-food scene, with the Irish franchise Chopped now running more than 40 outlets in Ireland and similar salad bars like Centra’s The Green Kitchen cropping up to make healthy eating away from home handy and affordable. Here’s an example from my DIY chopped salad recipe which gives vegetable, protein and healthy fats choices to build your own nutritionally balanced salad. I made this one in a few minutes this morning – just grab about 100g (2 very big handfuls) baby leaf spinach, half a cooked breast of chicken, some homemade coleslaw and a few cherry tomatoes. Put everything on a big board and chop away! You can add a little dressing and seeds (2tsp of each should be enough). It will be easy to eat with a fork whether at your desk or enjoying a barbecue at home.

    Grilling vegetables should be a standard of your summer barbecues too and for a change try a whole barbecued fish like this bream – just season and brush with a little oil before barbecuing, sprinkle with lemon juice when cooked -enjoy!