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    Healthy weekend recipes for your new routine

    A week into September, a time of new beginnings and now that the weekend is here maybe a good time to reflect and consider your own health. Are you in good health? A healthy weight? I’ve been working on this Weekly meal planner and now it’s complete I really hope you’ll enjoy these healthy weekend recipes, made easier with the shopping checklist and to-do lists!

    Healthy weekend recipes

    Over the weekend it’s great to get a nice big pot of soup made, a wonderful filler and good for all the family, even the fussy ones! So I’ve included some great recipes which are among the most popular among my clients – tried, tested and approved! Roasted red pepper soup – you can buy a big jar of roasted red peppers in the supermarket (I get them in Lidl) which makes this super fast to make and the fresh basil adds an irresistible flavour and aroma…

    My Chicken Korma is a gorgeous comforting curry but without all the calories of some recipes… the coconut milk is a luxurious touch but don’t use too much, you can freeze what you don’t use from the tin, fill an ice cube tray or a small container. When you want to use it just hold under the cold tap for a moment and it will slide out – voila! I’ve noticed some recipes call for a whole tin of coconut milk for  4 people – that’s almost 1000 calories for a start!!

    It’s nice to do some baking at the weekend and you can control the amount of sugar you use – most recipes still work if you cut the sugar down or better still use a natural sweetener like Xylitol which looks and tastes like sugar and has a very slow absorption rate as well as being very low calorie and having no ill-effects on teeth. My Banana nut muffin gets its sweetness just from ripe bananas and is a tasty combination of nuts, seeds and oats with a hint of cinnamon and vanilla. I make these very regularly as they’re a filling, tasty and very nutritious snack. Make a batch and freeze some for later in the week – you’ll be glad you did! If you make them when you have the oven on for the Sunday roast you’ll be saving energy too.

    A Sunday roast is a comforting reminder that we’re back to routine, the summer with its blurry feeling of ‘what day is it anyway?’ seem long gone and it’s time to make sure we’re ready for Monday and the week to come. This Roast pork steak with celeriac, broccoli & roast potatoes is a quick roast to do, a bit different with its zesty mustard and citrus flavour.

    Keeping it simple with a weekly meal planner

    Don’t worry, it’s not all about special foods or doing lots of exercise, it’s not complicated… just a matter of getting organised and devoting a little time to your health – the best investment you can make.

    If you’d like help with a tailor-made meal planner for yourself or for the whole family, customised to your tastes and your lifestyle, I can help. At our first consultation, we will discuss your / your family members’ food tastes and lifestyle, then I’ll prepare a 7-day eating plan, shopping list and to-do list just for you which I’ll present and explain to you at our follow up meeting.

    Get in touch to make your personal healthy eating and weight targets a reality!