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    September is here -let’s get organised!


    Get organised and get healthy!

    Day two of getting into a good food routine is here! My Meal planner is complete with  to-do and shopping checklists for each day to print out or keep handy on your phone.

    So, hopefully you got tonight’s dinner made last night – if not don’t worry, here’s the recipe for Curried chick peas and it’s quick to make…. If you’re having rice then you could cook some extra to have with tomorrow’s casserole too.

    Do try to get tomorrow’s delicious Slow cooked beef, bean and vegetable casserole underway tonight – if you have a slow cooker you can just prepare the vegetables tonight and get it into the slow cooker in the morning – nothing like coming home to the wonderful smell of dinner all ready for you – if you’re doing it in the oven just turn off the oven and leave it to cool overnight then remember to put it in the fridge in the morning, ready to reheat in the evening. If you missed yesterday’s recipe it’s still available here Chicken with sweet potato and broccoli


    Get cooking this week and get September off to a great start! I’ll be sharing a meal idea every day for the coming week on my Facebook page so like the page and look out for the delicious dinner ideas…

    Keeping it simple with a weekly meal planner

    Don’t worry, it’s not all about special foods or doing lots of exercise, it’s not complicated… just a matter of getting organised and devoting a little time to your health – the best investment you can make.

    If you’d like help with a tailor-made meal planner for yourself or for the whole family, customised to your tastes and your lifestyle, I can help. At our first consultation, we will discuss your / your family members’ food tastes and lifestyle, then I’ll prepare a 7-day eating plan, shopping list and to-do list just for you which I’ll present and explain to you at our follow up meeting.

    Get in touch to make your personal healthy eating and weight targets a reality!