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    Online Nutrition Plans

    Work one-to-one with Anna remotely! Your nutrition consultation will be by phone or video link followed by email support. Opt-in to log food and activities with a professional app to give detailed analysis of your macro- and micronutrients – you can link this to your fitness tracking device too!

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    • What’s covered and how much you’ll pay:
    • €85
    • €170
    • €250
    • Initial consultation by phone or video call will take about an hour and covers your lifestyle, current diet and any health issues or concerns.
    • Email with your personalised eating plan, recipes, and other nutrition information relevant to your needs
    • Access to the Libro app* to track your food and exercise accurately and check your daily targets
    • Detailed report of your food logs with nutrition analysis of macro- and micronutrients and Anna’s suggestions on how to continue improving your diet
    • 2 reports and 30-minute follow up calls: after one week’s log and after 2-4 weeks (client’s choice)

    • 7 reports and 30-minute follow up calls: scheduled and taken within a year at any time (client’s choice)

    • Personalised program on the Libro App for you: your meals and exercise plan clearly set out for you to follow
    • Regular updates and additions throughout the year for variety and changing needs


    Additional consultations can be added to any package on request

    *Libro is a smartphone app created by Nutritics professional nutrition software used by clinicians and elite sports nutritionists. It allows you to log your food and exercise choosing from a database of thousands of products found in Irish supermarkets as well as recipes and meal plans uploaded by your nutrition professional (me!) Your daily targets will have been created for you so you can see when you’re hitting your daily food intake and exercise targets – you can even link it directly to your fitbit, Google Fit or Garmin Connect!

    This video introduces you to the Libro App which is included in the Standard and Annual plans: