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    Carbophobia Bread Mix 330g


    Makes a delicious, home-baked, low carb, high protein seeded bread, easy to make into a loaf or bread rolls. Filling and nutritious, completes a meal with a tasty homemade soup like Roasted red pepper soup or big salad. Cuts into about 15 slices (90kcal per slice), only a quarter the amount of carbs compared to a slice of regular wholemeal bread. Full instructions given, no other ingredients needed, just add water! Suitable for low carb and general weight loss diets and diabetics. Can be frozen in slices after making for portion control!

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    INGREDIENTS: wheat gluten, soya flour, almond flour, linseeds, fibre, yeast, sugar (consumed by yeast), salt.

    NUTRITION INFORMATION per slice (15 slices to a loaf): Protein 10.5g, Fat 4.2g, Carbs 2.4g, Energy 90 kcal.

    ALLERGENS: Contains nuts, seeds and gluten. Free from wheat, dairy, eggs, preservatives.