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    Nutrition consultation by Zoom or phone call. Personalised plan & info by email



    My nutrition and diet advice isn’t a ‘one size fits all’, it’s tailor-made for YOU. Are you finding it difficult to lose weight? Confused by all the dietary advice that’s out there? Do you have a specific concern such as diabetes or IBS? If so you probably need some help… You can have a personal nutrition consultation by phone, Skype, Zoom or video call. In your consultation with me, we will take a look at what you’re doing, where you want to be and what’s the best way for you to get there.

    Phone consultations for nutrition and diet advice

    Due to the current COVID19 situation, I am offering nutrition consultations by phone or video link. The initial appointment will take about an hour, and could be up to an hour and a half. We will go through your diet history, current diet and any health issues or concerns. I will ask you for your height and weight (if you don’t have a scale at home, we can use your waist measurement instead for now). Then we will discuss what changes you should make for your health. We will come up with a plan to suit you, your tastes and your lifestyle. The plan will be emailed (or posted) to you and will give you choices and portion sizes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks.

    Low carb products – available but not essential

    Products are available but there will be absolutely no pressure to include these in your plan – it can all be done with ‘real’ food! You’ll also get recipes which are tasty, easy to prepare, and will be part of your plan. Other information such as different items to look for when you do your shopping may be included as well.

    After the first consultation

    If you would like follow up appointments, the way this will work at the moment is you will send me a diary of your food intake and exercise and a weekly weight from your own scales. These can be by phone / video link with email back up or, once the COVID19 situation has passed, face to face appointments where you will meet me at my office in Roselawn House if that suits. These appointments will be 20-30 minutes with email back up of any information / recipes etc you need. You will also be able to contact me with questions that might crop up for you and I will get back to you promptly. The cost of follow on appointments is as follows:

    Programme of 7 follow-up appointments (these can be weekly or fortnightly) €165

    Individual follow up appointments €35

    Book online or contact me now for more information

    Brand new online nutrition plans

    A new way to work with me one-to-one with me remotely! Opt-in to log food and activities with a professional app to give detailed analysis of your macro- and micronutrients. Get a tailor-made programme to follow on the app and link this to your fitness tracking device too!