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    Xylitol natural sugar substitute 250g BBD 11/23

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    Xylitol is a natural sugar substitute, naturally occurring in some fruit and vegetables. It’s beneficial for people with diabetes, people who need to lose weight and everyone who wants to mind their teeth! It has a very low impact on blood sugars and some isn’t absorbed at all, it forms a prebiotic in the gut, feeding the good bacteria.



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    Xylitol is a natural sugar substitute, it occurs naturally in some fruit and vegetables and was first harvested for use from birch trees in Finland during World War II sugar shortages! Use as you would regular sugar, try a delicious Eatwise recipe like Chocolate Beetroot Cake / Brownies for a healthier treat!

    One of the main groups to benefit from Xylitol are people with diabetes. Xylitol does not raise glucose nor insulin levels and can help with weight loss, which is often a health goal for Type 2 diabetics. The GI (glycaemic index) of Xylitol is around 7, whereas regular sugar is around 65 (glucose is 100). It also acts as a prebiotic in the gut, meaning it feeds the good bacteria that reside there! Don’t overdo it though or you could have some unwanted digestive symptoms – overuse can have a laxative effect.

    Dentists recommend Xylitol as it prevents tooth decay and is safe for children. One thing to note – if you have a dog you must not give it any titbits of goods baked with Xylitol, dogs can’t metabolise it and it can make them extremely ill.

    Ingredients: 100% Xylitol

    Nutritional Information per 100g

    Energy 250kcal / 1000kJ

    Fat 0g

    Total Carbohydrate 99.8g

    of which sugars 0.2g

    of which polyols 99.6g (polyols are incompletely absorbed and do not impact blood sugars in the same way as sugar)

    Fibre 0g

    Protein 0g

    Salt 0g