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    A traditional Irish dish, Colcannon is a great way to encourage people who ‘don’t like greens’ to eat these intensely nutritious dark green leafy veg in a delicious combination of creamy mashed potato with the fresh flavour of scallions

    1kg potatoes

    250g kale or cabbage

    4 Scallions

    20g butter

    75ml milk

    2 tbsp chopped parsley (optional)

    2 tbsp chopped chives (optional)

    Freshly ground black pepper to taste

    1. Wash and peel potatoes and put on to boil (if you have a steamer, use a pot that the steamer will fit over) in cold, salted water. Simmer, covered, until cooked
    2. Strip leaves from kale stalks, wash and roughly chop or tear leaves and put on to steam over potatoes for about 8 minutes. If you don’t have a steamer, put into boiling water and cook about 8 minutes until just tender, then drain well. When cool, squeeze out excess water and chop kale if you prefer it in smaller pieces.
    3. Chop scallions finely
    4. Drain potatoes when cooked, put back into pot and allow to dry a bit more then mash well, add butter, milk, chopped scallion, seasoning (taste to check) and fresh herbs if using.

    Download printable version of recipe here Colcannon