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    Reflections on 2020: the Covid stone and other stories…

    What a year it’s been… it already sounds like a cliché; one I’ve repeated as I write the annual catch-up lines on Christmas cards. This year, we all have something in common, and yet very individual experiences of living in a global pandemic.

    The ‘Covid Stone’

    In my work with clients through this year, the contrasts have been stark. Yes, some people have gained the ‘Covid stone’, perhaps from overconsumption of home cooking and baking. But maybe in those activities some rekindling of family relationships and fun was had!

    For others, the draw of ‘rubbish’ food, alcohol and the ubiquitous take-away have resulted in unwanted extra pounds and/or health complications like pre-diabetes.

    Looking for comfort, finding anxiety

    Some have seen their lives in a different light… Having had their jobs and normal routines wrenched from them by the pandemic, they have been face-to-face with the reality of home, often 24 hours, 7 days a week – and the cracks will show. Those cracks in our personal and family lives are very often the reasons we human beings use food – and sometimes alcohol – as a means of comfort, an attempt to block out difficult feelings.

    As fans of ‘the Crown’ will have seen, Princess Diana is an example of how comfort eating can become a hidden but very real eating disorder. For any of us, when the cracks do show, it’s an opportunity to see the light through the cracks – how can we make things better for us and those around us?

    I’m no psychologist, but I realise the need that many of us have to seek professional help to find answers. From personal experience, I know it can be life-changing. Counselling is not an easy or pain-free process, but it’s potentially very liberating when we are ‘stuck’.

    And with my nutritionist’s hat on, I know that people can feel SO much better with improved eating habits. You might correct a state of pre-diabetes or even fully-fledged Type 2 diabetes through guided food choices. Some of my clients tell their stories here

    It’s all about balance

    We are human, we are not perfect – our bodies enjoy the pleasures of food for good reason – survival! But we need to be smarter than our most basic of human instincts. We can have eating habits that are both healthy AND enjoyable… but we are constantly faced with foods that make us want more, much more, than we need. Find the right balance!

    The gift of health this Christmas

    If you would like to give a loved one (that includes YOU), the gift of health this Christmas, I am giving 10% of all vouchers sold up to 24th December to Trócaire to help those who do not have enough to eat in this world. Buy a voucher for a dietary review and consultation with Anna or for low carb products, ideal for Type 2 diabetics (please contact Anna for customised voucher)