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    Taking control in 2020

    What do you want this New Year?

    As we approach 1st January, take some time to think about yourself, what do you want for yourself in this new year (indeed this new DECADE!) and how can you get there?? If weight or poor diet is an issue for you, if you feel your eating is out of control, if you have lost weight and put it back on again, stop blaming yourself and start thinking about what sort of New Year weight loss plan you need this time to really make a difference to your life and how you feel about yourself.

    Are you confused by different foods and diets? Do you know how much food you need? Are you providing a good example for your children to follow as they grow up? Information on food and nutrition is a minefield of mixed health and marketing messages which can leave us utterly confused, trying different strategies and ending up with the same, unsatisfactory result.

    What sort of weight loss plan?

    It’s not all about food, it’s not all about exercise…. it’s not all about weight. Being healthy isn’t just a lack of illness – it’s about your quality of life, the energy you have to live, work and enjoy life. So take time to think carefully about what you really want for yourself, not just your loved ones but you, this coming year and into the future.

    How to ‘eatwise’

    The Eatwise approach is to help you find the lifestyle changes that will help you to better health, and this path will be different for every single person. Through consultation you will learn what strategies will work for you, gaining an understanding of food and nutrition as it applies to you with a plan that is realistic and targets that are achievable. There is no need to buy any special products or supplements and exercise levels depend on what suits each individual person.

    Most of all it’s about working with you, not dictating a formula to you but finding out what will make the difference you’re looking for in 2020.

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