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Eileen’s story:

“I was a very unhappy overweight person…. I was kind of in denial for a long time over the weight – although in my heart I knew I should do something about it, I felt lost as to how to get a grip on it. My weight was creeping up and when it got to nearly 17 stone I finally started to look for help. I was trying by myself but I’d be 2lb up and 2lb down which was disheartening. Also, if I got annoyed, I tended to overeat, taking solace in food to deal with things. It was when I couldn’t face buying any more tent type clothes that I looked for help. I phoned Anna and had a chat to her. Even though I knew in theory what I had to do, it wasn’t working. I was a bit anxious about facing her but I didn’t let that overrule the importance of dealing with it. You have to acknowledge that you need help sometimes!

I started off under Anna’s guidance and it was a good feeling to get started and see the results; after 2 weeks, I’d lost 8lb and a stone after 4 weeks. The rate of weight loss slowed down but after 5 months, I was delighted to have lost 2 and a half stone. My visits with Anna were weekly to start with, then fortnightly and after a while I just saw her monthly or as I felt I needed. I had loads of clothes that were in the wardrobe and they’re now fitting me, things I haven’t been able to wear for years! Before I had to go to plus size shops – now I can just pick up clothes anywhere! I continued to lose weight and after 2 years I had lost over 4 stone!

With Anna, we discussed different food choices and made a plan. I was told this is what you have to do so I followed the plan and enjoyed the new healthier food choices. Keeping a food diary was very important and Anna would go through this with me. I had been under the impression that I was eating very healthy, good, wholesome, homemade foods. The quantities were something I wasn’t considering enough.

I got focused help, I’d never have achieved this without going to Anna. Now I feel great, like I used to feel, with my energy back. Walking is a pleasure instead of wondering how I’m going to get up the hill when I’m out of breath, now I don’t even notice it and am getting faster all the time. Little things like getting out of the bath had become difficult whereas now I hop in and out of it like I used to! I am still having the occasional glass of wine and a varied diet, and am still losing weight. I’m happy that I’m getting healthy and am getting things right. I’m looking forward to getting my weight down more. I didn’t want to be contributing to my own ill health. I still need Anna’s support and keep going back from time to time to keep myself in check.

I would say to anyone, it’s that it’s not difficult, you just need to give yourself a chance and try it – take it from me that you have to be doing something wrong and it can be fixed! After losing the weight, Christmas and holidays were both happier than I can remember and I still lost weight. I was never into fad diets, I know how to eat good food and a good balance, something that can be maintained. This way of eating is now second nature to me and it has affected my family as well and made them more conscious of what they’re eating. It’s an education! Anna knows her subject, she’s professional and knows how to help. She is used to dealing with overweight people and won’t judge you, I would say whatever your fears, put them behind you and try it. It’s not that difficult at all, I was eating plenty – but eating the right things! I still thoroughly enjoy my food.  I’m loving what I’m doing at the moment. Food used to hold a place in my life that was out of proportion. I’d gone out of control”