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    It’s Wednesday – Day 3 of the meal planner

    We’re halfway through this first week of my ‘back to school’ meal planner – even if you don’t have kids in school, this week has that new season feel to it with the weather getting a bit chillier and the traffic a bit heavier!

    I hope you’re finding my meal planner helpful… at the end of the week I’ll publish the full week but here’s your Wednesday meal planner with to-do list and shopping checklist to make life easy: you should have your delicious wholesome Slow cooked beef , bean and vegetable casserole ready and waiting for tonight’s dinner so it’s a good evening to make some soup; this Creamy mushroom soup is really simple, healthy and tasty. You can freeze some if it’s too much to keep in your fridge and it’s really useful as a way of adding vegetables to your lunch or as a snack when you get home hungry… a great way to encourage fussy eaters to eat vegetables and remember – the key to healthy eating and losing weight is to eat more vegetables and less carbs and bad fats! 

    For tomorrow, you’ll be buying some fresh white fish – great for a quick meal, very healthy as it’s low fat, low calorie and high in protein. Choose any type, if you’re buying pre-packed from the supermarket look out for a sell by date that’s still a few days away and if you’re choosing from the counter make sure the fish looks firm, white and bright – anything dull looking isn’t very fresh and best avoided. You can prepare the vegetables for this tonight or in the morning if you prefer – just cover the bowl and keep it in the fridge. Then you can plan a walk or run while it’s in the oven tomorrow evening! Here’s the recipe Cod baked with pesto and as I said, you’ll find the shopping list on today’s planner.

    Get cooking this week and get September off to a great start! I’ll be sharing a meal idea every day for the coming week on my Facebook page so like the page and look out for the delicious dinner ideas…

    Keeping it simple with a weekly meal planner

    Don’t worry, it’s not all about special foods or doing lots of exercise, it’s not complicated… just a matter of getting organised and devoting a little time to your health – the best investment you can make.

    If you’d like help with a tailor-made meal planner for yourself or for the whole family, customised to your tastes and your lifestyle, I can help. At our first consultation, we will discuss your / your family members’ food tastes and lifestyle, then I’ll prepare a 7-day eating plan, shopping list and to-do list just for you which I’ll present and explain to you at our follow up meeting.

    Get in touch to make your personal healthy eating and weight targets a reality!