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    Dietimeal Pancake Mix, 196g (box of 7 sachets)


    Delicious, low carb, high protein pancake mix. Great for Type 2 diabetics and others on a low carb plan. For a filling breakfast they’re very tasty with lemon juice, cinnamon, stewed rhubarb or a few fresh berries. Contains as much protein as three large eggs for less than 100 calories and only about one sixth the amount of carbs compared to a regular pancake. Try served warm and topped with frozen yoghurt with fruit for a low calorie tasty summer treat, full of protein to keep you feeling full.

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    INGREDIENTS: Milk protein isolate, white egg powder, whey protein, wheat flour, fibre, potassium chloride, raising agent (sodium carbonate), dicalcium phosphate and diphospate, calcium sulphate, colouring agent (beta-carotene), sweetener (sucralose – Splenda).

    NUTRITION INFORMATION for 1 sachet, 28g, which makes 2-3 pancakes: 96 kCal, Protein 18g, Assimilated carbohydrates 4.1g of which sugars 1.1g, Fat 0.2g of which saturates 0.1g, Fibre 1.4g, Sodium 252 mg, Potassium 300 mg, Calcium 280 mg.

    ALLERGENS: Contains milk, gluten, egg. Made on equipment on which are also processed soy and celery.